As a fitness & nutrition blogger, this is a question I get quite often from the women I coach. When you’re not wearing the right outfit, you may not feel fully comfortable while moving, which can lower your performances and be a source of frustration. Here are 3 things you need to know when picking an outfit you’ll be exercising with – so you’re always at the top level.

1. Make sure it is adapted to your training

It may sound a bit basic, but it’s true: every type of workout has its own do’s and don’ts, when it comes to the outfit to wear.

• If you’re a runner, pick a bra providing a strong support, as it will help you stay straight and remove the pain. Make sure that both your top and shorts are – you don’t want anything too tight and the fabric has to allow the sweat out, especially if you enjoy running outdoor! (recommendation: Energy Bra / Running Shorts)

• If you’re all about yoga, pick tight & long pants – anything else might be too revealing during specific poses, and you want your mind as carefree as possible. I’d pick something tight for the top too: If you ever had to do a downward-facing dog pose while battling with your top, you will know why. (recommendation: Wonder Tights)

• If you like fun cardio trainings, like Zumba or Body Combat, choose something fun, light and trendy. Moving is much easier when you like what you see in the mirror, so you can go for bright fabric, sleeveless shirts and colorful bottoms. (recommendation: Wonder Crop Top / 3/4 Tights)

• If you are a gym rat, practising weight lifting and bodyweight exercises, you’ll need both support and freedom of movement. I’d recommend choosing tight crop tights, and pair them with a loose tee-shirt or a crop top. (recommendation: Active Pants / Stylish Mid-Drift Crop Top)

2. Choose the right size: not too tight, not too loose

There’s nothing worse than feeling squeezed into your outfit during a workout… Apart from having to hold back your pants on your waist! Make sure you pick the size of our outfits wisely. If you’re not too sure, ask for some help in-store, and always try the pieces on before buying them. There’s no “maybe” when picking gym clothes, they have to perfectly suit you the first time you put them on.
Another very important point: the bra that you wear during any training has to be perfectly sized. Otherwise, you may experience pain or discomfort. While you’re in the changing room, make sure to run a bit on the spot or do some jumping jacks. You need to be able to breathe perfectly, and your breasts need to be maintained. Again, asking for advice from the store staff might be of great help.

3. Be confident and rawr!

After all, the perfect outfit is the one you feel great in. Therefore, you have to pick something that suits your mindset and your taste.

Trust me, working out becomes much easier when you are full of confidence and at peace with the way you look. One little secret: you’ll never feel sexier than right after a good workout or yoga session. Make sure you’re dressed accordingly!

Why did I choose Bods?

Bods understood what girls who train every day need: something comfortable, easy to wear, not too eye-catching, but definitely stylish. Being petite, I was struggling to find clothes that were made for my body type, especially when it comes to pants. Trying Bods’ pants on has been a game-changer: they are absolutely perfect for my weight lifting sessions, but also for the obstacle races I compete in, as they protect my knees without being too warm.

I also like their tops: they’re cute and really pleasant to wear. The entire collection is very affordable, which allows me to have almost one outfit per weekday – I always tweak my workout plans so I don’t get bored, and thanks to Bods, I’m never bored by my clothing neither!


About the writer:

Charlotte is the founder & writer of, a French fitness & nutrition portal providing health and weight loss advice. She also owns an instagram account, @thefitnesstheory where she exposes every day her meal preps & give training tips. She is working in Singapore as a Digital Marketer and dedicates at least 1 hour every day to her practice of sports, weight lifting & Spartan Race training.